Bioshock Playthru

My straight through, play through begins in just a few hours, 9:30am eastern standard time! Be sure to follow me on twitter (@jamminjeremyyy) to recieve the live tweets of my adventure and struggle! Also follow the hashtag #BioshockPlaythru on Twitter to see my adventure in one place! 

Bioshock Playthrough

imageTomorrow beginning at 9:30am eastern standard time, I will be playing straight through the first Bioshock! I will be live tweeting (@jamminjeremyyy) and uploading screenshots as well! Follow me on Tumblr and Twitter if you want to relive the game as well as watch me struggle and probably fail! 


View of the entryway to 19 E Battery, the Julius Visanka House. With its yellow brick, it’s definitely one of the most distinctive houses on the Charleston Battery. #house #architecture #history #door #fanlight #yellow #city #urban #street #charleston #sc #vscocam